How to Play - Top Trumps Battle Mat

Explore the dynamic Top Trumps Battle Mat Card Game. Engage in epic battles, strategize with your favorite characters, and claim victory on the Battle Mat. Learn the rules, choose your deck, and experience thrilling card game battles that bring your favorite worlds to life!


  1. Objective:

    The goal of the Top Trumps Battle Mat Card Game is to win battles against your opponents and dominate the Battle Mat.

  2. Setup:

    • Choose a Top Trumps Battle Mat deck featuring characters or themes that excite you.
    • Place the Battle Mat in the center of the playing area.
    • Shuffle the deck and deal 3 Top Trumps and Two spells tokens to each player.
  3. Round One:

    • Player one lays out three cards against their selected top stat.
    • Player two ten liones up their best cards against the same stat and the battle begins!
    • Flip the cards one stat at a time. Open point for each winning stat add up the points and see who wins the round!
    • Continue playing rounds until all cards have been used or a predetermined number of rounds is completed.
  4. Round Two:

    • Complete 1-3 again. Don't forget your spell tiles.
    • The BATTLE continues until a player wins 7 rounds!



How to Play Video:



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