How to Play - Lex-Go!

Discover the excitement of Lex-Go! Word Game. Challenge your vocabulary, race against opponents, and build intersecting word grids in this fast-paced and fun word-building game. Learn the rules, explore the wordy adventure, and sharpen your linguistic skills with Lex-Go! Are you ready for a thrilling race of words?


  1. Objective:

    The goal of Lex-Go! Word Game is to be the first player to use all of your letter tiles to build intersecting words in a grid.

  2. Setup:

    • Shuffle all the letter tiles face down - this is the draw pile.
    • Take 10 tiles, but keep them face down.
    • Place the draw pile to one side so you have a clear playing area.
  3. Gameplay:

    • One player shouts 'Lex-Go!' and everyone flips over their tiles
    • It's a race to create words and get rid of all your letter tiles
    • Make a word, place the tiles face up in the play area
    • Attack another player's word by adding or replacing a letter tile or letter tiles
    • Swap a tile; replace one of your letter tiles for one in the draw pile. You must shout 'Swap' as you do this
  4. Winning:

    • When you have got rid of all your letter tiles, shout 'Lexicon'
    • If all words are correct, you take the round. If any of your words are incorrect, you are out of that round.
    • Shuffle the tiles and play again.
    • First to take five rounds is the winner.
    • Use the spell tiles to improve your chance of winning
  5. Rules:

    • No plurals
    • No proper nouns, unless they are game theme nouns
    • No one-letter words
    • No acronyms or abbreviations, unless they are game theme related

How to Play:

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