How to Play - Big Pigs

Dive into the hilarious world of Pass the Pigs - Big Pigs Dice Game. Roll giant pig-shaped dice, score big, and outwit your opponents in this entertaining game of chance and strategy. Learn the rules, explore the pig-tastic fun, and embark on a memorable dice-rolling adventure today. Are you ready to let the big pigs fly?


  1. Objective:

    The goal of Pass the Pigs - Big Pigs Dice Game is to score the most points by rolling the giant pig-shaped dice in various combinations.

  2. Setup:

    • Choose a flat, smooth playing surface to roll the big pig-shaped dice.
    • Assign a scorekeeper to keep track of players' scores.
    • Decide on a winning point threshold (e.g., 100 points) to determine the winner.
  3. Gameplay:

    • Players take turns rolling the big pig-shaped dice.
    • Score points based on the position and combination of the pigs after each roll:
      • **Leaning Jowler:** 15 points (Double is 60 points)
      • **Pig Out* Lose your points
      • **Sider:** 1 points
      • **Snouter:** 10 points (Double is 40 points)
      • **Razorback:** 5 points (Double is 20 points)
      • **Makin'Bacon:** Back to Zero Points
      • **Double Snouter:** 40 points
      • **Piggy Back:** Impossible
      • **Makin' Combo:** Add combined Score
    • Players can choose to roll again to accumulate more points or pass the pigs to the next player.
    • Be wary of rolling a Makin' Bacon, as it resets your score for the round!
  4. Winning:

    • The first player to reach 100 points is declared the Pass the Pigs champion!
    • Enjoy the pig-tastic fun and challenge friends to a game of rolling big pigs!

How to Play:

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