The Original British Favourite – WHOT! 

Match the shapes or numbers to be the first to get rid of all your cards. Use strategic skills and use your special cards to change the direction of play, skip a player or miss a turn.



  • SHUFFLE: Shuffle the cards and deal six to each player. 
  • DRAW PILE: The remaining cards are placed face down in the centre, within reach of all players. This is the DRAW PILE.
  • CALL CARD: The dealer turns over the top card of the draw pile and places it face up next to it. This card is the CALL card, and as cards are played on top of this, they in turn become the CALL card.
  • PLAY: The first player chooses a card from their hand to play on top of the call card. The card must be one of the following: 1) a card that matches the SYMBOL on the call card. 2) A card that matches the NUMBER of the card. 3) a WHOT! card.
  • UNABLE TO PLAY: If a player is unable to play a card on the call card, they must take the top card from the draw pile and add it to their hand. The player’s turn then ends – they cannot play it on the same turn.
  • PICK UP A CARD: Players do not have to play a card even when they are able to – however, they must still pick up a card from the draw pile. This happens if a player thinks they will help an opponent by playing a certain card.
  • DRAW PILE EMPTY: If the draw pile becomes exhausted, then the last call card is left face up in the centre and the rest of the cards are placed face down.
  • WHOT! CARDS: A WHOT! card can be played on top of another WHOT! card to cancel out a previous call or to leave the call the same. A WHOT! card can be also be used to force the next player to miss a turn, or alternatively to switch direction of play.
  • WINNER!: The game ends when one player plays their last card – that player is the winner!