Top Trumps JUNIORS has 5 GREAT GAMES IN 1.

BIGGER, curved case makes it easier for SMALL HANDS to hold.

Cards are LARGER in size with BIGGER TEXT, making it simpler for younger children to play!



  • AIM OF THE GAME: be the first player to win all the cards.
  • SHUFFLE: any number of players can play Top Trumps. Shuffle the cards with numbers on and give each player an equal number of cards.
  • DON’T LOOK: players must keep all their cards in a pile (without seeing what they have) and only look at the top card.
  • START GAME: player 1 starts the game by reading out the stat from their card they think is highest.
  • CAN YOU TRUMP IT?: other players then look at their top card and see if the same stat category can be beaten.
  • HIGHEST WINS: the player that has the highest stat takes the losing card (s) and places them at the bottom of their pile.
  • WINNER!: The player with all the cards at the end, wins!
5 mini games in 1, including standard Top Trumps gameplay!
There are two cards for every character... but they are not quite the same! There are 5 differences between every pair. Can you spot them all?
Take it in turns to flip over two at a time. If the two cards are the same characters, the player keeps that pair. The player with the most pairs at the end is the winner.
Bigger cards and text make it easier and more fun to play!

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