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The Original Party Animals – the classic family and travel game for pig lovers everywhere.

Be the first to 100 points by throwing your pigs and seeing how they land.

Will you get a Leaning Jowler? A Double Snouter? Or maybe the infamous Piggy Back?

#PigsOnTour Giveaway

We’re giving away a GIANT Pass the Pigs every day for 7 days!

How to enter:

Take a funny photo or video of either our Pigs on tour around London, or your Pigs on tour at home and upload to Instagram or TikTok

Make sure you tag us and include #PigsOnTour in the caption

We’ll choose the best photo or video each day for 7 days, based on what makes us laugh!

The 7 best entries win a free game of GIANT Pass the Pigs!

We’ll section a winner every day for 7 days, during the week beginning Monday 10th April 2023



On your turn toss both pigs simultaneously in the air. How they land determines how many points you score.

Then you decide whether to be a Pig Head and throw again for more points or quit while you’re ahead.

You can throw the pigs as often you like to boost your score but beware, if you throw a Pig Out you score zero, and if you throw Makin’ Bacon, you lose all points accumulated in the game so far.

At the end of your turn, the Swineherd records your score and you pass the pigs to the next player.

First player to score 100 points wins the game!