Collect any FIVE barcode cards from your Top Trumps packs to claim a FREE pack of Top Trumps.

There are many packs out there – so get collecting!

Show off to your friends how much of a Top Trumps fan you are with our Top Trumps Legend wristbands! For every 5 barcode cards you send in, you move up a level – can you get the black legend wristband?


  • The Collect 5 promotion is open to all who sends in the correct number (5) of Top Trumps barcode cards
  • The barcode cards must come from 5 different packs. These can include barcodes from Top Trumps Juniors packs too
  • Barcode cards can be found in most Top Trumps packs. Promotional giveaway packs are not valid for this offer
  • Barcodes found on Top Trumps Specials and Top Trumps Limited Edition packs (that do not mention Collect 5 do not count towards this promotion
  • Redemptions sent without 5 barcodes are invalid
  • Redemptions sent without the correct postage on an A5 jiffy bag will be invalid
  • Proof of posting is not proof of receipt
  • No photocopied barcode codes will be accepted
  • If your chosen pack is not available, out of stock or discontinued, a similar replacement product will be sent to you. It is advisable to include a list of packs as alternative choices when sending your barcode cards in. 
  • Chosen packs can not include Top Trumps Specials or Top Trumps Limited Editions, they must be Top Trumps Juniors or Top Trumps Classics only.

Please note:  We are only able to supply packs currently available through our UK web shop, so please check availability here before submitting your claim:

Offer only valid in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand

We strongly recommend you use registered post to send your claim(s) to us. We say this as we are not liable to fulfil any claim(s) that we have not received.

Please check with your local post office to ensure the postage amount to send and receive your claim(s) is correct. This is because postage costs are subject to change via the Royal Mail.

We aim to process all claims within a week of receipt. Therefore you should expect to receive your free pack(s) within 4-5 weeks of the initial posting date.

All Collect 5 orders sent between September and December can take up to 5-6 weeks to process. Please note due to the current crisis caused by Covid-19 all Collect 5 promotions will take longer to process and fulfill.

This offer only applies to standard Top Trumps packs priced from £6.00. Top Trumps Collector Tins and Tournament packs are excluded from this offer


Postage Instructions

Postage for the Jiffy Bag is to send a ‘125gram Large Letter’ within the UK mainland only. Postage prices are subject to change by the Royal Mail. We therefore recommend you check the Royal Mail prices first by downloading their PDF price list.

We regularly receive ‘grey cards’ from Royal Mail. These are sent to us to notify us that someone has shipped something to us with insufficient postage attached and as a result there is a postage fee to pay in order to collect it. The cards do not state who it is from and we are unable to collect these as there is a fee to pay. Therefore it is very important to check with your local Royal Mail and ensure the correct postage has been paid.

Important: Please ensure the large envelope containing the barcodes and self-addressed Jiffy bag has the correct postage to reach us. We recommend you get this weighed at your local post office.

Postage amount to include on your Jiffy Bag for each Top Trumps pack claimed:

(Each Top Trumps Pack weighs approximately 125 grams)

· £2.05 for 1-2 Packs (first class)     £1.65 (second class) up to 250g large letter

· £2.65 for 3-4 Packs (first class)     £2.15 (second class) up to 500g large letter

· £4.45 for 5-6 Packs (first class)     £3.35 (second class) up to 2kg small parcel

· For more than 6 packs please confirm prices at your local post office.

Please ensure your Jiffy Bag is large enough to post the items back to you.

Where to send my Collect 5 order

For all UK Orders:

Please send to the below address:

Winning Moves UK Ltd, 
Collect 5 
PO Box 687
OL16 9LJ

For all queries please contact:

Tel: 01706 558539

For all USA Orders:

Please send to the below address:

Top Trumps USA Inc. (Collect 5)
150 Chestnut Street
4th Floor Unit #9
Providence, RI 02903-0300

For all queries please contact:

Tel: (833) 396-2127

For all Australian Orders:

Please send to the below address:

Winning Moves Australia Pty Ltd
Collect 5
Level 3, 270 Pacific Highway
Crows Nest
NSW 2065

For all queries please contact:

Tel: 1300 170 837

For all New Zealand Orders:

Please send to the below address:

Top Trumps Collect 5
PO Box 74073
Greenlane 1546

 For all queries please contact:

Tel: +64 (9) 571 0290