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Everybody loves Top Trumps. They're fast-paced, super competitive, and easy for anyone to pick up and enjoy. They're also a great tool for teaching and learning; whether it's teaching kids the size of jungle predators or opening a discussion on the 1936 Olympic Games, we know that kids love to learn heaps of amazing facts and stats through Top Trumps. That’s why we’ve set up a brand new Top Trumps School Club…


It’s easy and it’s FREE! Simply register your school to the join the Top Trumps School Club and your school will receive:

  • Free Top Trumps for your school
    Every year, we’ll send your school 6 free packs of Top Trumps to add to your 'Top Trumps hub'.
  • Permission to run an official Top Trumps After School Club
    All members of the Top Trumps School Club will be able to run a Top Trumps After School Club. We’ll provide you with winner certificates and cool prizes to use too, as well as ideas as to how to run your club. We don’t mind if you run the club as a free after-school club for your school, or if you charge your pupils a small fee as a way of fund-raising for the school, but we won’t charge you anything.
  • Free Teaching Resources for the classroom
    Once you are a registered member of the Top Trumps School Club, you’ll have access to all sorts of different resources for you to use in the classroom or as part of your After-School clubs. These will include ideas on different ways to play Top Trumps, quizzes on some of our games, to see how many facts and stats the pupils can remember on some of the packs and also templates and materials for pupils to create their own Top Trumps cards.
  • Access to the Top Trumps School Club Community
    Share your ideas with us and we’ll add the best ones to our School Club Website. From time to time, we’ll be offering schools within the Top Trumps School Club the opportunity to have the Top Trumps Team come to your school to talk to the pupils about the world of Top Trumps!
  • Discounts for Schools
    All member-schools will receive a unique registration code that will give them 20% on all Top Trumps products bought through the online shop. Throughout the year, we’ll also be developing special ‘School packs’, which will be more curriculum-based packs of Top Trumps (Greek Mythology, Romans, Egyptians for example). Members only will have exclusive access to these packs at discounted prices!
  • Fundraising Activities
    At various points throughout the year, Top Trumps will offer all member-schools the chance to buy a Top Trumps Fund-raising pack. These packs will be bought at heavily discounted prices, so that schools can sell the products to make profit at summer fayres, Christmas markets or other school fund-raising events. We estimate that each Fund-raising pack could make the school up to £250 profit!!

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